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About The Ward

General Surgery ward offers a wide spectrum of procedures within the range of general and oncological surgery using modern techniques and methods.

The ward specialises in laparoscopic surgery, gallbladder, hernia and varicose veins surgery. Hernia surgeries are performed using tension-free method with a plastic mesh according to modern surgery standards.

The patients are under care of a qualified team of specialists, doctors and nurses who ensure excellent treatment outcomes.

The ward currently has 10 beds.

The medical team consult patients in the General Surgery Outpatient Clinic



The scope of medical care

  • cholecystolithiasis and colelithiasis using laparoscopic or traditional methods
  • hernia surgery with mesh implantation
  • lower limbs varicose vein surgery
  • breast surgery (treatment of benign and malignant breast cancer)
  • surgical treatment of thyroid
  • surgical treatment of lymph nodes
  • surgical treatment of stomach, intestines and appendix
  • surgical treatment of skin lesions (benign and malignant)
  • diagnostic laparoscopy


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information 17 8 666 700, 0 503 193 800

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