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About The Ward

Neurology Ward was established in June 2012 but thanks to many years’ experience of our doctors, we are well prepared for diagnosing and treating patients with symptoms of severe or atypical diseases. In our everyday work, we use proven specialistic therapies supported by modern technology, which help us improve lives of people with neurological disorders.

We provide out patients with quick and reliable diagnostics, professional treatment and early rehabilitation. Patients with history of cerebral stroke qualified for rehabilitation are transferred to Neurological Rehabilitation Ward of our hospital.

We offer full spectrum of diagnostic examinations: CT, angio CT, MRI, EEG, Video/EEG, Holter EEG, EMG and USG of internal carotid and vertebral arteries and cerebral arteries using Doppler method. We also carry out a pharmacological program of immunomodulatory treatment of multiple sclerosis and treatment of dystonia with botulinum toxin. In the Stroke Unit patients are treated using cerebrovascular thrombolysis.

The ward is accredited for the training of new specialists.

Altogether, there are 43 beds in Neurology Ward and Stroke Unit including 9 intensive neurological care beds.

The hospital also runs Neurological Outpatient Clinic oraz Multiple Sclerosis Outpatient Clinic.


The scope of medical care

We offer complex neurological diagnostics and treatment for patients with such disorders as:

  • strokes and cerebral artery syndromes
  • epilepsies, brain tumours
  • demyelinating diseases
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • degenerative brain diseases
  • spinal pain syndromes


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