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About The Ward

Our aim is to use the psycho-physical potential of patients in order to achieve full recovery. Our doctors, therapists and the whole medical personnel are concentrated and oriented on one goal - restoration of mobility. Rehabilitation is provided by a team of qualified and experienced physiotherapists.

We treat patients with sequelae of brain damage, spinal cord damage and peripheral nerves damage caused by head trauma, stroke, spine trauma, multiple sclerosis (SM) as well as people with locomotor system disorders requiring every day assistance. We specialize in the treatment of learning disabilities such as aphasia, impaired memory, neglect syndrome.

Department of Rehabilitation has 31 beds. Patients stay in double and quadruple comfortably equipped and air conditioned rooms with bathrooms and access to phone, TV and the Internet.



Physiotherapy Unit consists of: gym, physiotherapy offices and massage study. The gym is equipped in modern devices for kinesiotherapy: stabilometric platform ALFA - for balance evaluation and training with biofeedback, Fisiotec 200TS device allowing for passive mobilization of hip and knee joints following alloplasty and reconstructive surgery of knee joints ligaments, Leg Tensor - device facilitating lower limbs muscle strengthening with improvement of movement range in course of exercises in a closed kinematic chain, professional treadmill for rehabilitation of orthopaedic, neurological and geriatric patients as well as in functional workout for professional and amateur athletes. Department of Rehabilitation provides medical services under a contract with National Health Fund (NFZ) as well as commercial medical services.


The scope of medical care

  • Systemic rehabilitation in stationary conditions
  • Neurological rehabilitation - after stroke (neuropsychological, neurologopaedic, logopaedic, activity-based therapy)


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