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General Surgery Outpatient Clinic

General Surgery Outpatient Clinic offers consultations provided by experienced specialists in the field of general surgery. We also provide our patients with pre- and post-operative care and perform minor procedures with local anaesthesia.

The clinic provides medical services under a contract with National Health Fund as well as commercial medical services.

Patients are seen by:

  • dr n. med. Janusz Skorupka
    Specjalista chirurgii ogólnej i onkologicznej; Ordynator Oddziału Chirurgii Ogólnej NTM Szpitala Specjalistycznego im. Św. Rodziny
  • lek. med. Marek Szpunar
    Specjalista chirurgii ogólnej i naczyniowej
  • lek. med. Jakub Perdeus
    Specjalsta chirurgii klatki piersiowej
  • lek. med. Alfred Orłowski
    Specjalista chirurgii ogólnej
  • lek. med. Piotr Zamorski
    Specjalista chirurgii klatki piersiowej


In order to schedule a visit, please contact the reception desk from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Tel: 17 8666 700


Please, take the following documentation with you:

Referral to the clinic (in case of NFZ visit), ID, all hospital information cards and results of all additional examinations (e.g. laboratory test, imaging - X-ray, USG, MR or CT etc.).


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