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Internal Diseases Outpatient Clinic

Internal Diseases Outpatient Clinic was established to treat patients who need care in full scope of internal medicine.

We diagnose and treat:

  • cardiovascular system diseases
  • lung diseases
  • gastrointestinal system diseases (not requiring invasive therapeutic procedure)
  • rheumatologic diseases; systemic connective tissue diseases and haematologic diseases
  • endocrynological disorders
  • systemic multiple organ diseases (also resulting from patient’s old age)
  • metabolic disorders, mainly diabetes, metabolic syndromes

Patients of the clinic have quick access to all the required diagnostic examinations and, if it is necessary, they can be admitted to Internal Diseases Ward of our hospital for further treatment.

There is a fee for visits in the clinic.

Patients are seen by:

  • dr n. med. Piotr Gołąb
    Specjalista chorób wewnętrznych, kardiolog; Ordynator Oddziału Chorób Wewnętrznych NTM Szpitala Specjalistycznego im. Św. Rodziny
  • dr n. med. Piotr Dąbrowski
    Specjalista reumatologii
  • dr n. med. Witold Mazur
    Specjalista kardiochirurg
  • lek. med. Beata Żłobecka - Pasierb
    Specjalista chorób wewnętrznych, diabetolog


In order to schedule a visit, please contact the reception desk from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Tel: 17 8666 700


Please, take the following documentation with you:

Referral to the clinic (in case of NFZ visit), ID, all hospital information cards and results of all additional examinations (e.g. laboratory test, imaging - X-ray, USG, MR or CT etc.).


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