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What does EEG examination involve?

Electroencephalography (EEG) is an examination evaluating bioelectrical activity of the brain and, consequently, the functional state of the central nervous system. EEG examination involves registration (using electrodes located on the scalp) of human brain functional currents. EEG examination facilitates differentiation of functional and organic brain disorders. EEG is an important diagnostic method in patients with sleep disorders, in a come, with epilepsy and after head trauma. EEG may be performed also in patients with encephalitis, diagnosed neoplasms and after stroke.

Electroencephalography - indications for the examination

The indication for performing EEG examination is the presence of symptoms of faulty brain function (e.g. Tremors), head trauma and history of neurosurgical procedures.

How to prepare yourself for the examination?

You should come to the examination with washed hair (not covered with any hair styling agents like lacquer, gel etc.) In order not to allow for decrease in blood glucose level you should have a light meal before the examination. You should be well rested.

EEG examination is performed for a fee..


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