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The X-Ray Office of the Holy Family Specialistic Hospital has been equipped in Polyrad Premium device with ceiling suspension, which allows for examination of patients in severe clinical condition. Modern system of digital indirect radiography from FujiFilm allows for considerable radiation dose reduction making it safe for adults and little children. Digital technology facilitates effective examination results storage and distribution of the images within the hospital. The examinations are interpreted and described by an experienced team of doctors - specialists in radiology.

We perform all the standard and specialistic radiological examinations, mainly in scope of locomotor system (bones and joints) also in children below 6 years of age.

Scope of examinations

  • standard examinations of skeletal parts: skull, all spine segments, pelvis, limbs
  • examination of skeletal parts of the shoulders: Zanca, Bernageu, IR and ER projections
  • examination of skeletal parts of knee joint: stress images, marked images (28 mm sphere), Merchant view of the knee-cap
  • examination of skeletal parts of feet and ankles: stress images and images of ankle joint fork and ankle joint syndesmosis
  • Abdomen and lung X-Ray

How to prepare yourself for the examination?

Information for patients who are to undergo the X-ray examination of: lumbar spine, pelvis, sacro-iliac joints, sacrum and tailbone

Light diet is recommended a day before the examination with no vegetables, fruit or dark bread. You should not eat any gas-forming foods (e.g. pea, cabbage) or drink carbonated beverages. You should take Espumisan (3 x 2 capsules) and make sure to defecate. On the day of the examination you should be in fasting condition or at least 6 hours after a meal.


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