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Computer tomography is one of a few types of radiological examination using X-ray Computer tomography facilitates precise evaluation of anatomical structures and detection of potential disorders in human body in cross section and, with appropriate reconstructions, also in other planes. The main advantage of CT compared to other conventional radiological examination methods is the possibility of differentiating between particular fractions of soft tissues. X-ray lamp rotating around patient’s body facilitates precise radiation from every point thanks to which a detailed image of the selected body segment is obtained.

Top class device

The device in possession of the Holy Family Specialistic Hospital Is the most advanced 64-row 500-layer tomograph model of Light Speed series. It practically allows for performance of almost all types of CT imaging including heart CT and CT coronarography. Light Speed VCT with ASiR software is the first computer tomograph in the world which allows for safe, population based screening of heart disease thanks to radiation dose reduction by 83% (to the level of 0.46 – 0.99 mSv).

Scope of examinations

Routine examinations of head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, spine and limbs are performed in the CT office. Additionally, specialistic examinations, such as CT imaging and angiography, CT coronarography (Angio CT of cardiac coronary arteries), virtual colonoscopy (large intestine examination) and DENTAL CT of the maxillary bones and mandibula.

How to prepare yourself for the examination?

You should come to the examination in fasting condition (you should not eat any solid food at least 6 hours before the examination). In order to provide good hydration of your organism in case of examination with contrasting agent it is recommended to drink about 1 litre of fluid (natural water, weak tea). You should take all the regular medicines. Driving may be contraindicated after administration of the contrasting agents so it is best to be accompanied by someone to take you home after the examination. You should drink a large amount of water after the examination, which will facilitate quick removal of the contrasting agent from your system in urine.
Please come to examination at least 15 minutes earlier in order to fill in a "Questionnaire before computer tomography examination”.

Please, take the following documentation with you:

  • ID
  • referral to examination
  • all hospital information cards and results of all additional examinations (e.g. laboratory test, imaging - X-ray, USG, MR or CT etc.)
  • current results of examinations evaluating the kidney function - the concentration of creatinine in blood or glomerular filtration rate (GFR) value
  • current blood test with TSH level

Before the examination you should inform the nurse about chronic diseases (especially renal failure, thyroid disease) as well as claustrophobia, allergy to contrasting agents or pregnancy.
You should remove all jewellery, artificial dentures and hearing aid.


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