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Information about the hospital

High standards

Holy Family NTM Specialistic Hospital in Rudna Mała was established in 2007. It is one of the most modern medical centres and largest non-public hospitals in the Subcarpathian Region. Here, we combine family atmosphere with professional approach to health problems of our patients and the highest medical and ethical standards.
We know how difficult the disease and convalescence period is for the patient and his or her family and thus, in the Holy Family Specialistic Hospital, we treat everyone individually and exceptionally supporting the progress of the therapeutic process.

In order to provide the highest quality of our services, safety and comfort of our patients, our hospital has been equipped in state-of-the-art technological and organizational solutions conforming to the world standards. Patients receive round-the-clock professional medical and nursing care. Hospitalization takes place in comfortable, air-conditioned, 1-4 person rooms with own bathrooms and TV, free Internet access and full board.

Comprehensive offer

Holy Family NTM Specialistic Hospital offers complex medical care starting from diagnosis and ending with full recovery.
We invite patients to take advantage of consultations from over 50 doctors of various medical fields who see patients in the hospital outpatient clinics. We see patients in surgical clinics specialising in treatment of thoracic diseases and traumatology and orthopaedic as well as general surgery We treat patients with cardiological problems, nervous system and respiratory system diseases. We also provide help for patients with rheumatological disorders, diabetes and other diseases of internal organs. There is also a Pain Relief Clinic, which has the task of selecting the least burdensome treatment in diseases characterised with chronic and severe pain.

In addition to consultations from highly qualified specialists, we also offer rehabilitations services. The Rehabilitation Centre constitutes an integral part of the hospital and provides complex neurological and systemic rehabilitation. Our personnel consist of outstanding doctors, physiotherapists and qualified assisting staff.

Currently, hospital treatment takes place in seven departments providing 24 hour medical and nursing care. In the first years of our activity, the hospital offered services in the field of orthopaedics and general surgery. In 2012 we established three more departments equipped in modern medical equipment: Department of Internal Diseases, Department of Neurology and Traumatology and Department of Rehabilitation. Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy was established in 2013, and Department of Thoracic Surgery was opened in 2014.
We are characterized with: short waiting period for hospitalization and outstanding diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. Our hospital is equipped in three operating theatres, post-operative rooms including awakening room (5 beds). We also have an intensive care unit (7 beds) and intensive neurological monitoring unit (9 beds).

Specialistic medical equipment

We use highly specialistic equipment from distinguished manufacturers. Radiology and Imaging Diagnostics Unit has been equipped in innovative imaging diagnostics devices. The department consists of the following offices: Computer Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, X-Ray, USG, EEG, EMG. The devices are operated and the examination results interpreted by radiologists with many years of experience.

Advanced technology in the service of health

Thanks to advanced technologies, we offer ones of the best screening and diagnostic services in the country. We perform, inter alia, full CT diagnostics of the heart, nervous system, neoplastic disease, orthopaedic disorders, parenchymatous organs, bone tumours, full scope of lung imaging and vessels examination using Doppler imaging and Power Doppler.
Equipment and implants used in surgery come from Aesculap and Biomet companies - leaders in medical devices manufacturing based on the state-of-the-art technical and medical solutions.

Professional personnel

We realize the ambition of creating a hospital offering the highest level of medical services by providing doctors with the opportunity of using the latest achievements in medicine and medical technology, and patients with optimal treatment methods facilitating quick recovery. We regularly invest in our personnel training, especially for doctors and nurses. The medical personnel of our hospital consists of distinguished specialists with long experience in their fields, most of whom have been working here for many years.

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