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We use innovative treatment methods

As a leading medical institution, we perform innovative procedures in scope of minimally invasive surgery of:


  • Minimally invasive stabilisation in the treatment of spinal fractures - Sextant technique, vertebroplasty
  • nucleoplasty - minimally invasive removal of nucleus pulposus tissue within the intervertebral discs of the lumbar and cervical spine
  • endoscopic treatment of discopathy in the lumbar, cervical and thoracic regions using Max Moore Spine endoscopic technique, thermoablation
  • endoscopic disc removal

shoulder joint:

  • arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff defects
  • arthroscopic treatment of shoulder joint and acromioclavicular joint instability
  • shoulder joint alloplasty


  • endoscopic treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome

hip joint:

  • anatomical short-stem alloplasty using titanium implants with porcelain, oxynium, polyethylene, metal articulation


  • Transcutaneous, minimally invasive correction of bunion and forefoot deformation with de Prado method.


We also perform minimally invasive procedures relieving pain accompanying spine disorders - including blocks and thermocoagulation. Minimally invasive procedures are usually performed in local anaesthesia.



From the beginning of 2015 we have provided orthopaedic therapies using autogenous stem cells derived from fat tissue in the treatment of locomotor system disorders. So far, our experience is based on treatment of patients diagnosed with degenerative changes within hip, ankle and knee joints. We are the only medical centre in the Subcarpathian Region to use mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), derived using Lipogems technology, in the cases of intervertebral disc degeneration (so called black disc).

Stem cells injected in the affected place strive to repair the damaged cartilage and tissues, reduce inflammation and strengthen processes of natural regeneration.



Platelet Rich Plasma is an autological concentrate of blood platelets obtained in the process of full blood centrifugation. Blood platelets release seven basic growth factors responsible for the healing processes. PRP is used in treatment of injuries and chronic disorders of tendons and ligaments. The growth factors activity contributes to restoration of correct structure of the damaged tissues and prevention of their further degeneration.

Selected diseases, in which application of PRP accelerates and supports treatment:

  • enthezopathy - degenerative disease of tendon attachment
  • enthezopathy of plantar fascia
  • chronic inflammation and degenerative disease of Achilles tendon
  • enthezopathy of wrist extensors (tennis elbow)
  • enthezopathy of wrist flexors (golf elbow)
  • tendinopathy of patellar ligament (jumper’s knee)
  • skeletal muscle injuries

In case of degenerative condition of a joint we administer a preparation called Cellular Matrix, which contains two active substances: hyaluronic acid (HA), with analgesic action and PRP plasma growth factors, with stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties.



We cooperate with a leading Swiss manufacturer of hip and knee joint replacements, Symbios Orthopédie SA. We offer our patients preparation of customised hip joint replacement properly adjusted to their individual anatomic conditions.

The preparation process depends on tomographic examination (according to a special protocol with digital spatial visualisation) of the affected hip, knee and ankle joint. Data obtained from CT examination is sent to Symbios Orthopédie SA., where unique shape of replacement stem is designed for a particular patient. The designed replacement is then produced using precise machine tools and appropriately marked (with patient and treating doctor's name) and then sent to our hospital together with documentation specifying the bone resection height, replacement head and acetabulum size.

We encourage people interested in this treatment to contact a doctor specialising in hip joint replacement.


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