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Admission to hospital

On the day of planned admission, please come on scheduled time with a referral to hospital and a document confirming your personal identification number (PESEL), which also confirms your identity: ID, passport or driving license.

The entitlement to free healthcare services financed from public funds is confirmed using eWUŚ - on-line system of valid insurance verification. In case of negative verification, Patient will be asked to file a declaration or submit a document confirming valid health insurance of the Patient.

In course of admittance we ask Patients for their name and the phone number of a person whom hospital employees can contact in matters concerning the Patient's treatment.

After filling in proper forms and fulfilling all formal requirements in the Emergency Department, the patient is taken to the ward. There, a nurse will show the patient to the room and bed, show the patient around the ward and inform about procedures applied in course of treatment and hospitalization.

Please, take the following documentation with you:

  • referral to hospital
  • ID
  • current examination results
  • documentation of previous treatment (if the patient is in possession of such documents) - laboratory examination results, imaging examination results - USG, X-ray, MRI, CT, hospital information card from previous hospitalisations
  • Employer or patient's NIP (revenue identification number)


In case of commercial stay, original or certified copy of bank transfer confirmation should be submitted. The transfer must be made not later than 5 days before the planned admission to hospital.

Other things necessary during hospital stay are:

  • pyjamas, bathrobe, underwear, skidproof footwear and slippers (for shower)
  • towels and toiletries - soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, shaving products, comb
  • glasses, artificial dentures, crutches, hearing aid etc.
  • regularly taken medications


All valuable items, like jewellery, credit cards should be left at home.



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